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Friday, March 27,2020

Dear Northwest Families,

Our teachers and staff have had a busy week full of opportunities to meet and plan in virtual spaces.  We are excited to engage our students in continuous learning on Monday. Our teacher teams are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for our students, one that is also respectful of the changes students may have experienced in their lives over these last two weeks.  Below are some key points for families to reference.

  • Your student’s 3rd quarter grade is the foundation for their semester grade.  Students can improve their 3rd quarter percentage grade, but it will not be lowered during the continuous learning cycle. Teachers will re-engage students in a few essential objectives from 3rd quarter, topics where students need more practice.  Teachers may use new activities or revisit prior learning tasks to review those concepts.  As students increase their understanding, they can make some improvement to their 3rd quarter percentage grade.

  • Teachers will reach out to individual students who had a failing grade at the close of 3rd quarter.  Teachers will target specific learning tasks and a plan for students to complete those key concepts and improve their grade.     

  • Once the topics from 3rd quarter are completed, teachers will introduce essential concepts to prepare students for their next level of course.  These would include priority standards from 4th quarter.  These learning opportunities are for feedback only and will not impact the overall grade.  It is important for students to remain engaged in their learning to maximize their success in their next course.

  • Learning opportunities will be organized in multi-day sessions with regular feedback and teacher support available daily. Students will engage through Google Classroom, Schoology, and other familiar platforms their teachers have used in their classes.  If a class session will be held by WebEx or virtual meeting, those meetings will take place during the assigned times when that class period meets.

  • Your child’s teachers will reach out on Monday with more specific information about how the sessions will be organized for their respective content. Their communication will provide clarity on the format for learning.  If your child is concurrently enrolled in a course through JCCC, teachers will provide additional details regarding those courses.   

We encourage our parents to review the Guide to Continuous Learning shared by Dr. Fulton.  That document includes suggestions and sample schedules for a student’s day.  The Frequently Asked Questions section is posted on our SMSD website.  Additional parent resources are available at the following site: Parent Resources.  If you or your child submitted a request for access to retrieve an item from the building, you will receive an email message within the next week or two.  We are prioritizing items that support instruction first. If you have additional questions as we engage in continuous learning, please reach out to your child’s teacher, counselor, administrator, or me as needed.  Our team is here to support you and your child in these next steps.


Take care,

Dr. Lisa Gruman