C.A.S. Hours

words Creativity Activity Service

What does C.A.S. have to do with me? 
As you probably know by now, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a two year curriculum incorporating six curricular areas, an extended essay, Theory of Knowledge and Creativity, Action, Service (C.A.S.). Therefore, it is a requirement that diploma seeking students complete a minimum of 150 hours of C.A.S. in order to graduate from I.B.


What does Creativity, Action, Service mean?

Creativity: This aspect covers a wide range of arts and other activities outside the normal curriculum. This could involve DOING dance, theatre, music and art, for example. Commitment to learning an art form is the goal.

Action: Involves the participation in expeditions, individual and team sports, and physical activities outside the normal curriculum; it also involves physical activity in carrying out creative and service projects.

Service: Service activities involve doing things with others and developing a real commitment with them.

Students should undertake C.A.S. throughout the two years of the Diploma Program. Each student is expected to devote the equivalent of one half-day (about 4 hours) each week on C.A.S. during the two years of the Diploma Program. A majority of the C.A.S. hours should have been spent in activities where the student works cooperatively with other people, such as in coaching team sports, group planning of a marketing strategy to raise funds, teaching immigrants the local language, performing in a band, or playing in a sports team for a season.

Please note:  All projects must be approved prior to completion. Forms for this are available in the T.O.K. room or from the T.O.K. teacher. You may begin a project once the form
is returned to you. The deadlines below are for you to submit completed C.A.S. forms to the coordinator.

For C.A.S. hours completed over summer break, you should email Mr. Pabst with a description of the project and wait until he answers the email before completing it.

We will use managebac.com for all CAS submissions.

 First deadline for submitting forms is the end of first semester junior year / total hours 50

Second deadline for submitting forms is Sept. 1 of senior year +75 hours  / total hours 125

Final deadline for C.A.S. is March 15th of  the senior year