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The IB Program consists of six areas of study. These subjects are represented by a hexagon. A candidate must select one subject from groups 1-5. The sixth subject can be selected from group 6 or a candidate may select an additional subject from groups 1-5.

Each student must successfully complete six examinations, one from each of the areas listed below. Please note that not every exam is offered at all schools. Refer to the course sequence links at the top of this page for specific exams by school. The information below gives the general exam areas and sample exams.

As a full diploma candidate, students must choose 3-4 high level (HL) tests and 2-3 standard level (SL) tests. In their junior year, students may take up to two SL examinations.

  • Language A: English HL
  • Language B: French SL, Latin SL, German SL, Japanese SL, or Spanish SL
  • Chemistry SL, Physics SL, or Biology HL
  • History:  History of the Americas HL or European History HL
  • Mathematics: Mathematics SL or Mathematics HL
  • Sixth Subject: (elective) Music SL, Visual Art SL/HL, second experimental science, second world language, Psychology SL / HL or Film SL, 

The Theory of Knowledge course

The Theory of Knowledge course (T.O.K.) is the cornerstone of the IB program. T.O.K. is a seminar course organized around concepts of knowledge taught in the six IB core subjects. Oral discussion, defense of ideas, and critical thinking are key components of the course. The T.O.K. course explores questions of philosophy and the origins of knowledge. T.O.K. is offered during seminar at all three high schools. Many students see this class as one of the perks of the program.

Exam Fees for 2017-2018:

  • Certificate students: Registration fee $172, exam fee $119/exam
  • Diploma students: Two installments of $443 each. One junior year, one senior year.
  • Note: Certificate candidates must pay the registration fee EACH YEAR they test. Diploma candidates pay it only one time.

Please note

If a student is enrolled in an IB course, the expectation is that he/she complete both the Internal assessment section of the class AND the end of course exam in May. If the student does not do so, he/she will not receive IB or honors credit for the incomplete course, and they will be dropped from the course at the end of the current grading period.

Diploma students must complete every course required for the diploma in order to graduate from the program. If a student drops one diploma class, they will be removed from the remainder of them and enrolled in other classes. Exceptions will be made for illness, poor grades, or extenuating personal circumstances. Certificate students must take at least two IB classes unless they choose to enroll only in World Language or Visual Art.

Internal Assessment Due Dates: 

The following are the due dates for the Internal Assessments for the 2014-2015 school term. There will be very few exceptions to these, so please talk with your teacher earlier rather than later about issues or problems in getting finished on time. Also, please note that the Extended Essay date and T.O.K. essay date are listed. Those may change if IB changes their due dates. These dates represent the date the essays need to be turned in to your teacher in final form.

Semester One 2017-2018

  •  History of Americas
  •  European History HL-2
  •  Math HL-2 Math SL-2
  •  Psychology HL-2

Semester Two 2017-2018

  • Extended Essay due date
  • English Oral IA
  • Math HL-2
  • T.O.K. essays and oral presentations final deadline
  • All sciences
  • Language B Oral IA
  • All internal assessments are to be uploaded no later than April 1st.

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