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There is an open enrollment policy for the SM Northwest International Baccalaureate program. We believe any student who wishes to try the program has the right to do so and may enroll in the 9th and 10th grade preparatory classes. There are no formal application forms to fill out.

Transfer students must fill out the appropriate transfer paperwork and submit it by early January to the office at SM Northwest. Forms are available in the offices at SM Northwest and Trailridge Middle School or at the link below. Students seeking a transfer to SM Northwest can obtain the proper forms in the office at their homeschool or at the link below.

Transfer Information

If you are transferring from another SM School or wish to transfer from another district located within the State of Kansas, transfers must be submitted to the Director of Secondary Services at the Shawnee Mission Administration Building prior to January.

District Schedules

Since the fall of 2011, all Shawnee Mission high schools operate on the same bell schedule. This makes it possible for a student from one high school to travel to another to take a class as a part of a signature program without fully transferring to the other school. This is handled on a case by case basis and involves arranging a student schedule in such a way at the home school the student has travel time built in. In all cases, students must provide their own transportation.

Attendance Standards

Students must adhere to the district attendance requirements as outlined in the Shawnee Mission Administrative Guidelines K-12.

Course Consumption Standards

Students, who live in the Shawnee Mission School District, but not within the SM Northwest boundaries, must meet district academic, attendance, and discipline standards in order to be considered for approval to participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at SM Northwest High School. The status of each IB transfer student will be reviewed each semester according to district policy. Those students not meeting minimum standards will have their transfer status revoked by the school principal and will be required to move back to their home high school. Students who reside outside the normal SM Northwest busing area need to provide their own transportation to SM Northwest to participate in the IB program.

Admissions Policy

  1. The general philosophy of the Shawnee Mission School District and of Shawnee Mission Northwest High School is to make the International Baccalaureate Program available to all those who want to challenge themselves as students and to prepare themselves for university. (In compliance of Section 4.1 of General Regulations – Diploma Programme 2016).

  2. Any student may enroll in the “IB prep classes” in 9th grade and 10th grade.
    Those students who are interested in participating in the program are encouraged to check the “IB Program box” on their initial academic enrollment at SM Northwest. Students who are interested in participating in the program during their junior and senior years are encouraged to attend informational meetings with the IB Coordinator prior to actually joining the program.

  3. Actual IB enrollment occurs when student enroll for the junior year.

  4. The IB Program lasts two academic years, culminating at the end of the senior year.

  5. Students may choose to participate in the program in two ways: diploma candidate or course candidate.