Announcements:  Friday May 24 2024

Cougar Roundup:

993-7245 = ALL DAY Absence Line

993-7242 = Arriving Late or Leaving Early 

Students, please show your ID’s when coming in late or returning from an appointment.

No fast-food orders of any kind are to be delivered to students.  This includes parent drop offs, door dash, uber eats, grub hub, etc.

If leaving after your finals, please bring in a note from your parents saying you can leave. You must bring a note for every day that you want to leave early. Drop notes in the white tubs provided at the doors.

If you are doing Summer Reading, please see Mrs. Jones at the Counseling desk for information.

If you have an award for academics, activities, or Winter or Spring sports, the last day to pick up the award is WEDNESDAY, May 29 at 3pm.  Please bring your paper the sponsor/coach handed out to make the line move faster! to Room 127.

If you have any lost items, please stop by the office, and check the lost and found.  There are several car keys, apartment/house keys, single air pod pros (please bring case to prove they are yours) air pod case with one air pod (please bring your phone to prove they are yours), headphones.  Ask the receptionist about these items.'

NW Administrators




NW Counseling Staff

Zach Cash Families with last name A-D

Barb Legate Families with last name E-J/ Foreign Exchange

Katie Cole  Families with last name K - Pe

Jessica Andrade Families with last name Pf - R (ELL) 

Jordan Landis Families with last name S - U

Erica Jablonski Families with last name V-Z / Real World Learning Counselor

College Adviser -Jailyn Stewart

Lisa Jones, counseling secretary 913.993.7230

NW Social Counselors

Tina Clark Families with last name A- K

Melissa Osborn Families with last name L - Z

School Psychologist - Jodee Moore


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